Viper Speed E2

Scheda tecnica

Frame Version EX-AC0005-1
CIK/FIA Homologation 101/CH/14 R.20
Category KZ
Pipes chrome molybdenum 32mm diameter
Frame Colour RAL 3020 red
Stabilizer Bars front, steel
Spindles HQP type with 8mm bearing, 17mm wheel pin
Front Adjustment Indipendent Caster and Camber with spindle adjustment
Adjustable height through two 4mm thickness
Rear Adjustment Adjustable height through 3 positions
Ø50X1040mm axle Th.2mm, B type
3 rear bearings
Rear hubs STD type 50X95 mm
Wheels ALS type 125/210mm, aluminium
Brake System Righetti Ridolfi SPEED E2 type with quick pad clearance adjustment
Cast iron rear brake disk, self-ventilated, D.200mm Th.18mm
Cast iron front brake disk D.160mm Th.12mm
PVC brake pipes
CIK/FIA homologation
Bodyworks Righetti Ridolfi XTR14 type, black colour
Extreme stickers
CIK/FIA 19-20/CA/20 * 95-102/CA/14-R.20 homologation
Seat X.SEATS X6 type, transparent colour, flat
Accessories Anticorodal type CNC, black anodized parts
Black steering wheel covered with chamois
9lt fuel tank
Exhaust support adjustable height and rotation